TONGSHENG 36V 250W Brushless Geared Mittelmotor Mid-Drive Motor eBike Kit Integrated Controller Torque Sensor LCD

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Package Includes
1.Tongsheng TSDZ2 Brushless Geared Mid-Drive Torque Sensor Motor
2.Build-In 6 Mosfet 15A 36V 250W Controller and both side torque sensor
3.V-LCD5 Display
4.Speed sensor with magnets
5.Chainwheel: 42T (Optional: 34T 36T 38T 44T 48T 52T);
6.Left Crank+Right Crank
7.1pc Wrench
8.No throttle or brake levers in this kit

With an integrated speed sensor, this mid-drive motor, which is compatible with standard bikes, has a rated power of 36V 250W, maximum torque of 80 N.m, providing ideal power for vehicles. Light but strong and efficient, this motor greatly enhances riding comfort and is suitable for touring bikes and commuter bikes. This Tongsheng/SFM mid drive motor with torque sensor is the most bargain torque sensor mid drive motor in China, you can feel the power from your foot to start the bike, it can convert your standard 68-73mm bottom bracket bike
Weight: 3.6Kg;
Maximum Torque: 80N.M;
Power Assistant Ratio: 36%~300%;
Limited Speed: 32Km/h;
Color: Black

One year quality warranty (warranty is invalid for natural wearing or any damage due to wrong operation)